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Severed Wings, Suspended Flight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On Glee and missing the good old times [Feb. 6th, 2011|06:43 am]
It's been a while since my last post. Anyway, I'm stuck in my apartment for five days now thanks to mumps. Aside from aching cheeks and looking like Jollibee, I had nothing else to do but watch Glee episodes on ETC. I never really paid any attention to the series but after watching an episode or two, it got me hooked. No, I won't be calling myself a certified Gleek and I'm not joining in the band wagon because Glee is so last year (or last last year, I don't really know). I really like Kurt. He's adorable. He's gay. Haha. I'm also watching Hellcats whenever I could or whenever I catch Marty Perkins while channel-surfing. It's better than watching ABS-CBN the whole day.
I still have to ask Pero to reconnect my cable wire to my television so that I could top-up my Sky Cable Digibox (I'm on prepaid cable since I'm rarely home) so ETC is the only channel that I can tune in to aside from channel 2 as other channels have poor reception.
Aside from work, and getting sick almost every other week (I just had typhoid fever and an ear infection and now, hello mumps), on the days that I was okay, I've won a ticket for an FHM party, had fun with hot chicks, accompanied Pero in Greenhills to buy his PSP, hit the gym and fa-looped in Megamall... Nothing spectacular.
I kinda miss having my friends around, I'm gonna have to admit that. But everyone's a bit too busy in their own worlds these days and I just don't want to disturb them. Or do I? It's not that I don't want to drop them a line and say hi, how you doin', it's just that I feel that I won't get the answer that I want. I don't really know...
Last night, I got the chance to chat with Sese-chan and I'm so happy that she's gained a set of good friends. Friends who don't judge her and who actually help her out. She deserves those kind of people. As for myself, I have this so-called "attitude problem" that drives people away. I mean, there's no one to blame but myself, really. It's not that I can't face and admit my mistakes. It's just that, I'm so tired of apologizing and having to explain myself to people who are supposed to accept and understand. And I'm very open to the fact that people even if they're the closest people to you, they are supposed to accept and understand but sometimes they do get tired and enough is enough.
I would be lying if I say that I don't miss my old friendships. I know that if I hurt them before, no matter how deep I've scarred their hearts, they sort of remember me and recall what we had before and for a split-second, smile at the thought.
I just hope that like Sese-chan, I could find good friends too and be a good friend as well. Be a better person, just for a change.
I'm not going all emo. Just something I wanted to write about for a blog update. :)

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Happy Holidays Everyone! [Dec. 30th, 2010|09:40 am]
Yup, belated Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all of you.
I got a new phone last Tuesday, the 28th. It's a Nokia 6700 Slide. It's purple and cute. XD
I originally wanted a red one but since I have the tendency to lose all red stuff even though it's my fave color, I opted for purple instead. :D Still learning the ropes of OVI and Internet-on-phone.
I'm planning to celebrate new year with Pero, I think we'll be going to Eastwood.
Today I was supposed to join Peetin and friends at SC's last gig for 2010 at Riverbanks but I'm sick so I decided to stay home instead. XD
I'll be posting updates soon, but for now I'm gonna have to marinate some pork chops.
See you guys in 2011 XD

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With You In Your Dreams [Nov. 23rd, 2010|10:08 am]

With You In Your Dreams

Translation in progress. Please wait...

If I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't cry And if I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't sigh
Don't look back at this time as a time
Of heartbreak and distress
Remember me, remember me
'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams
Oh I'll be with you, oh oh

But If I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't cry
And if I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't sigh
Don't look back at this time
As a time of heartbreak and distress
Remember me, remember me
'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams

Oh oh

Don't cry, I'm with you
Don't sigh, I'm by your side
Don't cry, I'm with you
Don't sigh, I'm by your side

And though my flesh is gone, whoa
I'll still be with you at all times
And although my body's gone, oh
I'll be there to comfort you at all times

Oh oh

But If I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't cry
And if I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't sigh
Don't look back at this time
As a time of heartbreak and distress
Remember me, remember me
'Cause I'll be with you
I'll be with you in your dreams

Oh, I'll be with you
I'll be with you in your dreams
I'll be with you
I'll be with you

I don't want you to cry and weep, oh
I want you to go on living your life
I'm not sleeping an endless sleep, oh
'Cause in your heart
You have all of our good times
Oh, all of our good times
Oh oh you have

And if I'm gone when you wake up
Please don't sigh
Don't look back at this time
As a time of heartbreak and distress
Remember me, remember me
'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams

I'll be with you in your dreams
I'll be with you
I'll be with you
I'll be with you in your dreams
I'll be with you in your dreams...

this song is dedicated to my lolo peter who passed away this evening. you will surely be missed, papsie. thanks for everything

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Birthday Wish List 2010 [Nov. 22nd, 2010|02:22 pm]

From the possible to the impossible, in no particular order :)

1. Nokia 6700 slide - purple

2. Rilakkuma items

3. MCR's new album

4. Starbucks 2011 planner (I don't drink coffee, so please help me)

5. Jacket/hoodie (please make sure it fits me lol)

6. Gift certificates- SM/Robinson's/etc (so I can buy a new pair of jeans)

7. Chuck Taylors (red, yellow, violet, printed.. ask me first :))

8. Mari Makinami Figma/Revoltech (again, please ask me first)

9. Asuka 1/6 Figure available at Otaku's Den/Czarina Geronimo's page :P

10. Saeko Busujima figure

11. Shopping spree at Saizen/Daiso

12. A new camera

13. Bedsheet set (4 pcs 1 fitted, 1 flat, 2 pillow cases// size: Double)

14. Lunch or dinner at Sakae Sushi

15. Lunch or dinner at Hooters

16. Edited cosplay pictures of myself, framed or unframed (if you're good at Photoshop, this should be effortless)

17. Burt's Bees lip tint (available at Beauty Bar) or a Beauty Bar gift cert worth P300 is cool too

18. Skull Candy Lowriders (red or violet or black)

19. A sporty wristwatch (not leather, metal or silver pls) preferably digital not analog lol

20. Lady Gaga's album (lol haha kahit pirated)

21. Paramore compilation CD kahit pirated basta all songs XD

22. Contact lens (ask me first re: this one haha)

23. I-box or those plastic container boxes, any size will do

24. La Senza gift certificates so I can buy bra XD

25. Kaworu Nagisa figure

26. Grimjow plushie (kahit maliit lang) don't ask

I have other things at the back of my head I'll write about them if I could. 

PS: Oh and any Azunyan figure or plush XD

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LF: Cat Neko Gears [Nov. 6th, 2010|01:55 pm]

Please PM me if you know someone who makes/sells these at a reasonable price XD

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Trash should not treat others like trash. [Sep. 8th, 2010|08:15 pm]
A TLDR (too long did not read) entry. or should I say Too Long Cannot Read entry?

Ang alam mo lang is magparinig. Dyan ka magaling. Feeling ko forte mo din ang mamlastic ng tao.And you do it on a daily basis, I guess. Kaya ka nilayuan ng mga tao na halos kapamilya na ang turing sa iyo kasi ganyan ka pala. And they've warned me about you already. Pero dahil matigas ang ulo ko, di ako nakinig. Ngayon nabiktima ako ng "friendship" mo, masasabi ko na tama pala sila. Di kita nilayuan kasi I wanted to give you the chance to prove them wrong. Na baka nasabi lang nila yun dahil nainis sila sa iyo.
Lilinawin ko lang ha na di kita kinaibigan dahil madami kang kilala na reputable photographers. Malay ko ba na kaibigan mo sila? Nung nagsisimula ka pa lang mag cosplay, kilala mo na ba sila ASAP? Hindi mo rin naman ata sila makikilala kung di dahil sa sempai mo diba? Yes, the first photoshoot that I've ever attended was organized by you. I got to meet great photographers and good cosplayers because of you. Pero when we became friends, I wasn't even aware that you were already friends with them. Kaya don't go around telling the world na kaya lang ako feeling close sa iyo is because of your so called connections. Asan na sila ngayon? Active pa rin ba sila sa mga cosplay plans and photoshoots mo? Siguro iilan nalang kasi most of them are too busy or di ka na nila gustong makatrabaho. Or ayaw nila yung mga tao na iniinvite mo?
And ano bang pakialam mo kung mag cosplay ako ng di bagay sa akin? Dahil ba sa body type ko? Marami din naman na ibang cosplayers na di lang body type ang issue eh, face value din. Siguro di hamak naman na kung kaya ng mas mataba or mas pangit sa akin, kaya ko din. Sa tingin mo ba lahat ng characters na kinosplay mo eh bagay din sa iyo? I think not. Or sobra namang pagkabilib mo sa sarili mo kung iniisip mo na oo.
Pareho lang tayo, na di maiwasang mainis kapag may nag cosplay ng favorite character natin at di maganda ang execution. Na kung pwede lang bilhin ang cosplaying rights para sa isang character, matagal na nating ginawa. Kaso hindi eh. It's either may mas palpak or mas magaling. Tanggap ko na kung di ako ang pinaka maganda, pinaka accurate or naunang mag cosplay ng isang character dahil I don't own any copyright. I'm a fan of the character and I wanted to bring it to life. Part yun ng hobby na tinatawag na cosplay. I'm not perfect and I can't please everybody naman. So it's ok if people don't like me cosplaying someone as hot as Litchi Faye Ling or Mari Makinami. If they don't like it, it's not my problem anymore. It's not like I'm in a competition to be the best cosplayer in the universe. If I fail at character picking, let me tell you one thing: lahat ng cosplayers may ganung mistake. So wag mo pairalin ang superiority complex mo just because I think highly of your cosplays. I actually look up to you as one of my "cosplay idols" kasi you don't need comeptitions to prove you're good. Pero kahit anong ganda at anong sexy mo kung basura ang ugali mo, never mind nalang.
I will have to admit: nasaktan kita when I declined to join a shoot dahil may iilan na photographers na di ko gusto. Sinabi mo na hinusgahan ko ang mga "kaibigan" mo. Na mas pinili kong maging primadonna kesa makisama sa inyo. Nasaktan kita ng magustuhan ko ang picture ng isang tao na kaibigan ko din kahit na sinabi ko na before na bagay sa iyo or natuwa ako sa pag cosplay mo sa kanya. Highschool pa lang ako, favorite ko na su Asuka. So natural lang na pumuri ako ng mga cosplayer na kayang kaya sya i-pull off. Dahil ako, kahit kelan ay di ko kayang mabigyang justice yung character na iyon.

Sinabi mo sa akin once na may instances na ayaw akong makasama ng ibang tao dahil ang dami kong insecurity shits at minsan napaka unpredictable ng mood ko talaga. Na may mga close friends ako na naiirita na sa pagiging self-centered ko minsan. Na may mga tao na annoyed sa akin. Eto lang ha, kung tunay ka na kaibigan, hindi ka magpaparinig or kung magpaparinig ka man, sasabihin mo pa rin sa akin na straight to the point, hindi yung pailalalim ka kung tumira. Dahil yung mga kabarkada ko, oo naiinis sila sa akin at nagkakatampuhan kami. Dumating na sa point na halos umalis na ako sa grupo, pero kahit imperfect ang relationship ko with them, nandyan pa din sila. May isa akong kaibigan na takot akong pakisamahan dahil feeling ko mas kakampihan ka nya, malaman laman ko lang pati sya pinaplastic mo na din pala at ang dahilan mo? Under pressure ka. Putangi*a. Ikaw ang kumausap sa 80 na tao araw-araw na halos yurakan na ang pagkatao mo, matulog ng 3 oras sa isang araw, deal with a schedule na di mo alam kung tao ba ang gumawa, pagtawanan nang ma-feature sa basurang blog, apihin ng mga kamag-anak... Iha, di lang ikaw ang pressured na tao sa mundong ito. Madaming tao na mas malaki pa ang pinagdadaanan kesa sa iyo pero di sila nagpaparinig, di sila nammlastic, they don't talk behind your back. Di nila ginagawa ang mga bagay na ginagawa mo.
Ng iwan ka ng isa sa mga tao na tinuturing mo na sister mo, mag-isa ka lang sa con. nag nag ka bf ka nga pero isa naman syang turat, ng iwan ka ng "kuya" mo dahil feeling nya ang trip mo lang is sumikat, nang madaming nag negative reaction when you announced that you were going to "officially quit cosplay", hindi naman sa nanunumbat ako pero I was there for you. ewan ko kung narealize mo yun. I was a friend to you kaya halos maulol ako makipag ayos lang sa iyo nung nagkatampuhan tayo. Pag may cosplay plan ka sobrang hanga ako at ingat na ingat ako na wag ipagkalat sa iba yun dahil baka gayahin ka. Dahil gusto ko they will look up to you as a standard on how a character should be cosplayed. Pero ganyan ka pala.
If you think na basura ang ugali ko or wala namang basis ang pagputok ng buchi ko sa iyo, I've had enough.
Di ko kailangan ng kaibigan na plastic or masama ang ugali. Mas plastic at mas masama pa ang ugali kesa sa akin. Di ko kailangan ng kagandahan or kaseksihan or good connections with reputable photographers and cosplayers para lang magustuhan ng iba or para lang magkaroon ng friends. Kung tulad mo lang din naman ang magiging kaibigan ko, no thanks nalang. Nagkamali pala ako ng akala. At nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi.

Oo, nakataglish ang entry na ito kasi mas maeexpress ko ng husto ang saloobin ko. At least wala akong major major na problema, as of now, ikaw lang.
Sige mag comment na ang gusto mag comment, mag basa ang gusto magbasa. Blog ko ito at magsusulat ako ng kung ano man ang gusto ko. Kaya wag kayo mangealam ok? Wag lang kayo mag aaway sa comment thread kundi baka kayo na ang next na layuan ko. O baka kayo mapag balingan ko ng inis ko.

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Cosplay Plans :) [Aug. 12th, 2010|07:26 pm]
... I am a bit skeptical about posting my cosplay plans anywhere online or even telling people about them I mean it's okay if I'm close to the person but to anyone else, I decided to keep my mouth shut. That way, if ever somebody releases the costume ahead of me, at least I know that they didn't copy me or my plans. It's a bit of a drag to find out that this person is planning to cosplay the same character that I have in mind, but it's better than finding out that someone is copying your ideas. In the world of cosplay, I don't really think I can name a character that hasn't been cosplayed yet here or abroad. And sometimes, it becomes more of a competition already instead of a good, clean hobby.
Come to think of it, there are more things in life that I need to pay attention to than just stressing myself out on who to keep an eye out for in the community.  It's just sad to know that some of the people you trust end up using you just to gain the upper hand. I won't say no more about this topic so as not to start another issue. It's sad, but true.
For the remainder of the year, I still have three pending cosplay plans. The rest are for 2011 already. I just don't get it why others want to be first when the events are popping up like mushrooms. It's not like they're going to run out of characters to cosplay or events to attend. The next character that I have in mind hasn't been cosplayed in the Philippines yet. I'm not sure if there was one already, because I've been skipping events since last year. But it's okay if I'm not the first. As long as I'm able to cosplay her and try my best to give her justice, I'm fine. I don't want to rush it because I want it to be as accurate as possible. :)
Rina, Nadia and Kayezel, you know who she is. :)

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The Poupee Lady Shoppe [Aug. 11th, 2010|08:43 pm]
This is The Poupee Lady Shoppe. ( ´∀`)

☆ We sell Geo Contact Lenses Cosplay Costumes/Props and Wigs here. (’-’*)

☆ If ever you wanted to buy or to have us make a commission kindly PM us the details or fill up the order form at our blog page.


Please support them, guys. They're legit. :)

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AFA 2010 [Aug. 11th, 2010|08:24 pm]
Just got the news from Sese. She linked her Plurk page to me via YM. And This year's AFA is on November 13-14 2010 in Singapore. In time for Yancy's birthday n_n My friend Yancy is considering on filing a leave for these dates and attending the said event. I wish I could join her, along with some of my close friends so we can attend the event and visit our friend Suppi as well. November is also my birth month and I asked my mom if she could send me to Singapore but then again, it's impossible :( I wish I was born super duper rich. Hahaha. Got to watch HOTD episode 6 yesterday with Pero. Yay. Fan service for the win. Now I'm off to do some laundry and then sleep. Just thought I'd update my blog after the cross-posting mishap. Sorry to all of my contacts who experienced the blog post flood courtesy of me :(

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Please Help! [Aug. 9th, 2010|05:22 am]


Reposting from Dukesa's blog

LOST on AUGUST 8, 2010 at around 2:00-3:00pm in the afternoon. STOLEN from a white FX while parked at the MANILA OCEAN PARK parking lot in Roxas Boulevard.

The driver went away for a few minutes to get something to eat. He wasn't long gone before we returned and found the dog missing and two bags as well. The FX showed no signs of forced entry, however there was a possibility that they used wires to unlock the door, get the dogs and bags, and locked it again before leaving.

IT WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME A CAR WAS BROKEN INTO IN THE SAME PARKING LOT! It is a PAID parking, with ONE roaming guard who also has his own post at the further end of the lot. We are not irresponsible owners. We have done this for a long time, leaving bags and our dogs inside our cars in parking lots with no accidents. The Manila Ocean Park parking lot have a lousy security despite its being paid parking. Anybody can just get in and out without question, even by-standers.

WE ARE GIVING Php20, 000.00 per dog AS REWARD IN FINDING THEM. If you hear anybody selling poodles that looked like them, or someone who had just purchased one around that area, please let us know right away. WE WILL BUY THEM BACK.

Those with Facebook accounts, please like their fan page Colyn and Cheetos
and re-post the links in your own pages. And if it isn't much to ask, please re-post every now and then to keep the search up.

I know it is a long shot and I am probably being laughed at by some for doing this, but these dogs mean a lot to us. THEY ARE NOT JUST DOGS! THEY ARE FAMILY. They were to be my aunt's only companion after my cousins leave for abroad. Not only to them, but Colyn and Cheetos are loved by me, and my daughter, and my young cousins. We are all grief-stricken to find them gone from the car. Please, I know I am shooting at the moon right now and hoping I hit something, please spread the word and keep us believing in man's goodhearted nature.


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Pero's Birthday Wish List [Jul. 3rd, 2010|12:53 am]
Pero's Birthday Wish List

It's Pero's birthday on the 28th. Here are some of his "almost impossible" wishes:

1. Kshatriya (wrong spelling wrong) model kit
2. MSN-06S Sinanju model kit
3. MSN-04 Sazabi model kit
4. MS 06R2 Johhny Ridden Zaku custom
5. a new PSP
6. a new laptop
7. Anniversary Char Zaku (20k wtf)

**lols. Pero is addicted to Gundam model kits.
Pero will be extremely happy if he gets any of these as a present. n_n

Now here are some of the things that can be given as a present. Cheaper, realistic, attainable not to mention very useful:

1. Underwear (no thongs please)
2. Socks (black, because he doesnt wear white socks)
3. Jeans
4. T-shirts (he likes green or black)
5. a new pair of shoes
6. a new bag
7. Tsinelas/slippers
8. Gift certificates (lols)
9. Cash of course

Wish I could get him a decent gift. I wanted to buy a model kit for him, but I might get something more useful. ;_;

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36 Months With Pero [Jun. 15th, 2010|10:10 pm]
June 16 2007 Toy Con Day 1 Sm Megamall

I went there with my friends. Sese and Cheppie introduced me to their friend named Peropero (yes, named after the dog in the anime 'Kare Kano'). On my way home, I asked Pero if I could tag along on the way home. At that time, I was living in Fairview. He said that he can ride the bus with me and he'll just get off at Farmer's. I found out that within a week, he was going to be my neighbor because I was scheduled to move in to my uncle's apartment which is like, ten houses away from Pero's house.
Pero was a good friend. He would lend me dvds so that I could kill boredom and he would visit me after work. We soon became good friends. And the next thing I knew, we were a couple. :D
Pero is extremely patient and kind. He's a geek and sometimes he's a bit lazy and would rather spend time with his other "girls"... Hikaru (his laptop), Asuka (his DS) and PSP-kun (wait, his psp's a "boy"). But he makes me feel loved and he makes me feel like I'm the most important girl in the world. I consider myself lucky to have him as my boyfriend. Some of the things that Pero does:
1. he would support me in any endeavor no matter what it is: work, cosplay, family, collecting Rilakkumas
2. if i ordered something gross in a resto he would gladly give me his dish instead
3. he waits patiently outside the comfort room even if his boss is already looking for him
4. he tries to make me less irritable and tries his best to make me smile
5. he would pretend to shield my head from the sun but really, he's just giving me a comforting pat
6. he never asks for anything in return
7. he never gets mad
8. even if i'm wrong he's always first to say sorry
9. he's the breadwinner of his family but at the time when i had none, he gave me 50% of his salary ;_;
10. he recognizes my small accomplishments and encourages me to do well

There are just too many to mention.

I thank God for bringing him into my life.. I am forever thankful to Sese and Cheppie because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have Pero. I would like to thank my posse and my friends for treating Pero as their friend too.

Pero, if you're reading this, you're the bestest best friend and boyfriend any girl could wish for. I'm sorry if I'm not perfect, but thanks for accepting and loving me for who I am. If there's any man that I'd like to spend my whole life with, I guess my answer is pretty obvious.
Thank you for loving Fluffy Jack and for not washing my favorite Rilakkuma.
I love you Pero. Happy third year anniversary. *hugs*
Love, Nami

ps: thanks rina for the pic
taken during hero con 2008 :D

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Toy Con 2010 Day 2 [Jun. 10th, 2010|09:28 pm]
I am such a paranoid worrywart T_T I planned this costume last year pa. I asked for the help of a great mecha costume maker. Some time this year, he said that he won't be able to help me out and referred me to another person. The other person had other things to do and perhaps he was paid a huge sum of money for a particular project so he was only able to make my weapons. I am still grateful although I did not like it when he was not replying to my messages. I've enlisted the help of two of my friends to make this seemingly impossible costume. I gave them almost a month. And now because their schedules won't jive, my costume is lying somewhere in the workplace of one of them, waiting to be finished. I've got a week til the planned debut of this costume. And still, I haven't seen a single part of it. I don't even know if they can finish it in due time. I really feel bad because this year, Pero and I are celebrating our third year together and Toy Con is very important to us because it's where we met. I chose to debut this costume for Toy Con because this "character" is very dear to him. When he found out about the plan, he agreed to help me with the expenses, bought a pair of contact lenses for me, showed me the details of the costume...And now I think I'm going to let him down. Because my costume's unfinished.
I even asked the help of my friend to do this "tandem" cosplay with me but looks like I failed her too. As I type this entry (sue me for being so emo) tears are rolling down my cheeks. If only I knew how to make this then I wouldn't have asked for help. I am so stressed right now and I can't help but think that if I were Alodia and if I can offer P10,000 to make this goddamn costume, would they make it possible?
I'm having second thoughts of attending Day 2 because I feel so disappointed with the way things are going. I know they're doing their best but regarding the completion? I'm not too sure and it's taking its toll on me.

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Move In Move Out Blues [Jun. 4th, 2010|11:50 pm]
Finished moving in to my newly renovated apartment. I moved out because it needed serious overhaul and now it's sparkling white but reeks of fresh paint. It makes my head hurt. >_<
The renovation was done in around two weeks. The building is owned my my uncle (mother's side) and a tenant on the same floor as I am moved out. I moved in to that unit so mine could be fixed. My uncle was such in a hurry to make me move out, fix my unit then transfer back again. It was hell! Because he was worrying about not having 7,000 pesos since I am occupying a space that's supposed to be rented out for another person. And now, here I am sitting in my kitchen, head throbbing because of the paint fumes that were not able to evaporate since this unit was repainted two days ago. I also had to pay to get my unit cleaned up, my aircon transferred from one room to another... the manong who cleaned up my unit even broke my blinds and bathroom mirror and ripped my anime posters even after I instructed him on what he needs to do. I was so stressed these past few days because of work and this renovation thing. Imagine coming home from work at 6:00AM then moving all of the stuff from one unit to another, sleeping for around 4 hours or less then waking up again to work and try to get a good Fizzback score...Right now I can't find anything because most of my stuff are still stashed in bags or boxes. Tomorrow's Jeco's birthday and I can't find the things I need. I'm too tired and stressed to think about not having enough money til the next payday, about a certain "flotation device", Toycon costume, anniversary with Pero...I have a lot of things in mind that if I think about them one by one I'll probably rip my hair off. I haven't had a decent meal because my stove's "disconnected" and I can't cook. Man cannot survive on fast food alone especially one who's trying to avoid it these days. @_@ I'll probably catch some sleep and then start fixing my apartment. Any suggestions on dishes with shiitake mushrooms?

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survey from pepperpants tatat n_nv [May. 29th, 2010|01:13 pm]
1. What is your best friends name?
rinamikayanniejoannesuppi and more :)

2. What are you listening to right now?
airkun (my aircon) whirring and my next door neighbor having sex. (seriously) with cats' mating call. TIMING!
3. Whats your favorite number?
4. What was the last thing you ate?

5. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
red (puta red)

6. How is the weather right now?
screw the weather

7. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone?
8. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
tinitignan ko kung "bakat". joke. hair. hair sa itaas of course.

9. Do you have a significant other?

10. Favorite TV show?

11. Siblings?
12. Height?
13. Hair color?
copper daw

14. Eye Color?

15. Do you wear contacts?

16. Favorite Holiday?
halloween and xmas

17. Month?
june and november.
18. Have you ever cried for no reason?

19. What was the last movie you watched?

20. Favorite Day of the Year?
any day that i can get a day off from work

21. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
no. but i always get rejected.

22. Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)?
no. i can barrelroll though

23. Hugs or Kisses?
hugs. kisses yes, but only after brushing your teeth.

24. Chocolate or Vanilla?
vanilla or strawberry.

25. Do you want your friends to respond to this?
yes please.

26. Who is most likely to respond?
anyone who's bored.

27. Who is least likely to respond?
erwin armovit.

28. What books are you reading?
rereading bob ong books and hentai manga and aa megami sama
29. Piercings?

30. Favorite movies?
sukdulan and balahibong pusa (jowk)

31. Favorite football Team?
manchester united? arsenal? liverpool? dunno.

32. what were u doing before this?
taking off my pants.and chatting with rina. am not on webcam though.

33. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?
white cheddar plox. salt is fine too.

34. Dogs or cats?

35. Favorite flower?
everlasting. jowk. red roses.

36. Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do?

37. Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex? 
yep, his name is gildo dildo. he's not a sex toy.

38. Have you ever loved someone?
yes please.

39. Who would you like to see right now?
my mom so i could ask her to pay the effing meralco bill.

40. Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?
sa facebook yes.

41. Have you ever fired a gun?
uncle chito's shotgun. bang!

42. Do you like to travel by plane?
as long as i don't end up like the people in LOST 44586612

43. Right-handed or Left-handed?
right-handed :D

44. How many pillows do you sleep with?
4 and one rilakkuma

45. Are you missing someone?
my parents and my friends. 

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Wag Kayong Pasaway, Please Reply. [Apr. 2nd, 2010|10:10 am]
Good Friday everyone.
I've had enough of people not replying to me via sms/pm/etc.
I completely understand that since it's Holy Week, people have other business to attend to. Everyone's got their own lives and important things to take care of.
There are a lot of reasons why we sometimes do not reply to a person's message.
1. too busy
2. no load/internet connection
3. ignoring you for no apparent reason
4. you will not like their answer so they choose to remain silent
And here I am sitting, sweating like a pig, anticipating a decent answer to my questions to no avail. It's fuckin' annoying really.
I make it to a point to reply to pms or text messages, no matter how busy I am. I know I am guilty of sometimes not being able to reply, but this has gone overboard.
I don't know whatever happened to the items that I was supposed to receive last Tuesday. Either they failed to ship it, the courier is closed for the holidays or whatever... please be decent enough to inform me at least of my tracking number.
No name dropping for now. But I am definitely pissed off!

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"Doble Kara" by Greyhoundz [Mar. 29th, 2010|11:41 am]
This song was their entry for the World Battle of the Bands 2006 competition.

Abot ng kamay sabay yakap
Bulungan "kamusta na kaibigan?
Ayos ba tayo jan?" tapik sa
Balikat sabay kindat" ingat
Nag-aalala lang" kala mo
Meron nga siyang pakialam pero
Pagkatalikod kanya-kanyang
Gawaan ng kwentong sino ang
Bida sino ang lamang kanya-
Kanyagn siraan 'alam mo ba yan
Si ganyan supot yan! mas astig
Ako jan!" at kung makatawa
Kala mo ang lupit lupit niya't
Magaling sa lahat kaso ikaw na
Nakangiting nakikinig huwag ka
Ng manghusga ano ba naman
Ang pinagkaiba natin sa kanila..

Nakakalimot nadudulas
Napupuno pero nagmamahal..
Nakakalungkot nakakatawa tao
Lang pero minsan.. daig mo pa
Ang ahas anong klaseng mukha
Kaya suot mo bukas daig mo pa
Ang ahas kaninong pwet kaya
Hahalikan mo bukas

Yan ka na naman kumakamada
Di ka na nahiya nagpupumilit
Makisiksik sa kahit di mo lungga
Di mo butas para maging pabigat
Manira managasa't magpahirap
Ng kapwa balimbing na
Kumakapit sa kung sino lang
Ang mainit ngunit maskadiri't
Masmabaho ka pa sa basura
Kapag naubusan pagkatapos
Mong mabusog ay tinatangay na
Ng hangin kung sa bagay.. para
Saan ba naman daw ang kaibigan
Kung hindi mo rin siya gagamitin

Nakakalimot nadudulas
Napupuno pero nagmamahal..
Nakakalungkot nakakatawa tao
Lang pero minsan.. daig mo pa
Ang ahas anong klaseng mukha
Kaya suot mo bukas daig mo pa
Ang ahas kaninong pwet kaya
Hahalikan mo bukas
Sinasayawan sinasabayan ang
Ihip at sipol ng hangin.

Nasilaw sa ilaw na dala ng
Panahon.. nakisawsaw sa balita
Para lang masabing andun siya
Nakiluksa sa drama ng iba
Kunwari naluha pa reklamo ng
Reklamo gagong di naman
Pumaparehas bidang bidang
Nakikisakay sa galing ng ibang

Daig mo pa
Ang ahas anong klaseng mukha
Kaya suot mo bukas daig mo pa
Ang ahas kaninong pwet kaya
Hahalikan mo bukas
Sinasayawan sinasabayan ang
Ihip at sipol ng hangin

Sadly, this song reflects some people I personally know. :(

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the sun is shining [Mar. 5th, 2010|07:44 pm]
finally i can multiply everyday. parang gremlins!!! just add water.

pero bought a sun mobile broadband usb stick. i borrow his laptop, hikaru and his usb stick and use the internets at the comfort of my own apartment. thank you pero XD
 i've been wishing for my own laptop but god knows when i'm gonna get one. momma's insisting on getting me a netbook but i want a bigger one because i have poor eyesight. ganun talaga pag tumatanda, i guess.
so far i've been constantly online, or at least whenever i can, ogling naked women and drooling over rilakkuma items and unfriending people in facebook who call me fat.
i've been viewing the contents of my multiply inbox from interesting reads to con event photos...
envying other people for having aruki-chan and bossu as a friend (although friends ko rin sila, i just wish i could hang out with them too)
i haven't had the time to fix my apartment: clothes are strewn everywhere, electric fans need to be cleaned and bears need to be kept...all because nauulol ako sa internet.
and i haven't been sleeping on time too because of this.

i miss my posse. thank you lord for my one month leave. kahit na wala akong 13th month pay. @_@

must sleep because i'll be meeting up with tita jocy and andrea in gateway later.
will try to post kuma-tachi photos.


ayun lang. mas type ko pa din ang multiply kesa sa facebook.

Added today at 8:42 AM Comment Like

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lightning on tuesday, snow on wednesday [Feb. 24th, 2010|02:49 pm]
It's so hard not to have the weekends off. I've been struggling with a lot of stress lately. Stressed as usual.
I filed for a leave two months in advance only to find out later on that what was approved has now been disapproved. I have to speak with my shift manager, my god. It's either they give me what I bargained for (I'll be using ALL of my leave credits) or file for an immediate resignation.
I hate my shift and my rest days. I'm always sick. WFM does not take care of my leave requests. I work and sometimes don't get paid. I'm forced to render OT. I have no social life. No gigs, no cosplay events, no meet-ups with my posse. :(
I'm having mixed feelings about leaving my current job. I love the account and the fact that the office is near my house. I am not happy but I want to stay. I hate being unemployed and penniless. T_T
On another note, a lot of things are becoming so common and so "pang masa":
1. skull candy headphones (original, fake, or a cheap imitation available at 168)
2. nendroids/nendoroids
3. lolita/gothic lolita top hats (P250 each at Girl Shoppe) -what an insult to Multiply shops who sold them here first
4. geo contact lenses (even prostitutes wear them)
5. DSLRs (the new "bling")-even rich hs kids has one and they don't know shit about photography
6. touch screen mobile phones-even manang who sells onions in the bangketa has one
7. rilakkuma: can i just emphasize that he is really not pedo bear. i've been seeing cosplay pics of posers clinging on to him like they even know what or who he really is.it is really fucking annoying
8. cosplay events -saw a poster somewhere on the barangay outpost in pandacan, manila. sheesh. and you expect me to attend that event? if you're a cosplayer, you're better off with a photoshoot or a major event with reliable organizers
9. cosplay photoshoots- i don't really know if a random sheet of cloth and a huge ribbon on your head makes you a cosplayer posing for cosplay photoshoots. i open my inbox and it's flooded with: photoshoot in ________ (insert random location). i mean, it's okay if i know you as a cosplayer to begin with, and you have a very "reputable" cosplay resume. but if you're like, whoa, donned a lolita outfit and wig FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE and call yourself a cosplayer IN a cosplay photoshoot just because the kuyug boys love your body...i don't know.

I hate blind items and I have no worries because I've deleted the annoying contacts already.
Random Notes:
>Got a message from Sephinxi saying my Litchi wig has arrived. Yeehaw.
>Missing Aruki-chan and wondering if she still wants to talk to me. I try not to think about it anymore though.
>Wondering if I'll be able to debut my mecha costume this June
>I hate my friend's boyfriend and the idea that they're still together.
>Magkano na kaya ang Meralco bill ko?
>Saan ko ilalagay ang mga Kuma ko? Tapos I wanna buy more.
>Gusto ko ng kebabs

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Know Your Bear/s [Jan. 24th, 2010|08:14 pm]
The one on the left is Rilakkuma aka Relax Bear by San-X.
The one on the right is Pedobear from 4chan.

I feel bothered and I don't like it when people call Rilakkuma "Pedobear".
I hate it when lolitas or lolita cosplayers buy Rilakkuma merchandise thinking he is Pedobear.
I'm posting the pictures for comparison. They are both brown bears, but see for yourselves.

1.  Rilakkuma has yellow ears and paws while Pedobear has light brown/khaki ears.
2. Rilakkuma's mouth when opened is red, while Pedobear's is pink.
3. Rilakkuma does not have a "beard" like Pedo does.
4. Rilakkuma loves to relax while Pedo loves chasing lolis.
5. Rilakkuma is always depicted relaxing/lying down/sleeping/resting/eating. Pedobear is always out for a run, and more often than not chasing lolis.
6. Kuma does not have "claws" (I don't know how you call those) on feet like Pedobear.
7. Rilakkuma is golden brown, and Pedobear seems darker; he's more of like, chocolate brown, probably to look yummier. (Although in some of my Rilakkuma mechandise, Kuma is dark brown. Hehe.)

I don't blame most people if they mistake Kuma for Pedo. But he is definitely not. And if it's between Rilakkuma and Pedobear, I think it's quite obvious who gets my vote. :)
So please, if you are into the Lolita thing, do not be scared of Rilakkuma, he just wants pancakes, not you. Don't worry.

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